Skylark is a cloud-based GNSS corrections service that delivers accurate and reliable precise positioning for location-based products across industries and around the world.

Skylark is compatible with a wide range of third-party receivers. Use our Receiver Compatibility Checker to find out if yours is.

All receivers offered on the Swift Store include a 6-month free trial of Skylark. You can create and manage your subscriptions through the Skylark User Portal.

Skylark is available in three different variants, each optimized for specific use cases:

  • Decimeter-level accuracy with convergence in seconds
  • Uniform country-wide coverage
  • Ideal for safety-critical applications such as automotive and outdoor robots
  • Accuracy down to 2 cm and convergence in under one minute
  • Widest RTK coverage in the industry
  • Ideal for applications requiring highest precision such as surveying, drones, and robotic lawnmowers
  • Sub-meter accuracy and instant convergence
  • Uniform country-wide coverage
  • Ideal for low-power applications such as mobile, wearables, and asset tracking

Product Summary

Product Summary

Product Summary


You can read more about each variant and the covered geographies in their respective product summaries.


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